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Choosing the right clothes for riding contributes to performance, comfort and style. For training, competition or just hiking, the right outfit will elevate the experience. Our clothing collection consist of the top brands, ensuring quality, style and a perfect fit!
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With comfort, style but above all safety being the main concern, the choice of a riding helmet might become a challenge. Our helmets, been produced by the most reputable manufacturers to the highest standards, come with all certifications required to ensure maximum protection, in impeccable styles and combinations.
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 Boots & Chaps

Boots & Chaps

In countless size combinations to ensure an ideal fit, our riding boots are a piece of man-made art, providing the rider with comfort, durability and optimum performance characteristics. 
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Luxury Sports

Our company has been founded after 25 years of involvement in the equestrian world and countless riding hours. Our experience showed us that high quality and high standards equipment are necessary to perform to the outmost level and ensure safety. Our choice of brands comes to exactly this. Top quality, top style & top safety both for the horse and the rider.
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